LLD Diamonds USA

Founded in 1996 by renowned diamantaire, businessman, and philanthropist Lev Leviev, LLD Diamonds USA is the world's largest privately held diamond manufacturer and cutting group - entirely independent of external suppliers, having its own widespread sources of rough goods through ownerships in mines around the world. 


Our Heritage

LLD Diamonds has been supplying high quality diamonds to polishers, cutters and jewelers over the past three decades. Founded by renowned diamantaire, businessman and philanthropist Lev Leviev, LLD Diamonds USA is a member of the prestigious Leviev Group of Companies (LGC) and – uniquely among manufacturers – operates at every level of the diamond pipeline.The Leviev Group of Companies is the only diamond firm in the world to control all facets of the diamond pipeline: from ownership in diamond mines, rough trading, manufacturing, and polishing, all the way to designing, manufacturing and marketing prestigious diamond jewelry.

Diamond Mine

Our Expertise

LLD diamond’s source of rough straight from the mines, provides access to top quality rough. Our industry largest in-house cutting and polishing capabilities empower us to distribute finest diamonds and produce exquisite jewelry to the high-end jewelry manufacturers and retailers.

LLD Diamonds, recognized as an international diamond industry leader, has been awarded multiple industry achievements and accolades, including Israel’s “Outstanding Exporter” government award.



The King of Diamonds

Lev Leviev, Founder

Known as the "King of Diamonds", Lev Leviev fittingly owns a substantial diamond outfit that operates around the world. Leviev made his name undercutting the De Beers diamond cartel, striking his own deals with diamond-producing countries like Russia and Angola. He owns high-end diamond jewelry boutiques around the world, and large jewelry chains in Europe. Leviev is also the controlling shareholder of Africa Israel Investments, a real estate and construction company with headquarters in Israel.

Lev Leviev
Lev Leviev, King of Diamonds
Loose Diamonds
Greg Sofiev

Chief Executive Officer

Greg Sofiev

Mr. Greg Sofiev is the CEO of LLD Diamond USA, an integral division of the Lev Leviev Group of Companies. Greg, has established and maintains a stellar reputation consisting of a dynamic energy, integrity, enthusiasm, professionalism and unequivocal passion in the diamond industry. His executive leadership skills are apparent during his tenure at the helm of LLD Diamond USA. Greg’s sharp minded, pioneering vision, always with an eye focused on cutting-edge technologies are rendering prodigious results. With Greg’s hardworking attributes, abilities and intuitive knowledge of the business, he consistently achieves and exceeds his objectives, however, never compromising on his self-imposed ethical standards and principles.

Chagit Leviev Sofiev

President, Leviev Group USA

Chagit Leviev Sofiev

Overlooking and in charge of the groups extensive diamond and jewelry operations in the US. Chagit also serves as the CEO for Africa Israel USA, managing the company’s real estate operations in the US. Chagit serves as a member of numerous Boards of Directors for a wide range of companies worldwide, including diamonds and jewelry, holdings, real estate, fashion, and multimedia industries.


Our Operations

At LLD diamonds, we manufacture superior quality polished diamonds and are a source of high-level polished stones for clients worldwide. Our diamond industry knowledge together with our widespread market intelligence enables us to identify changing trends in different countries regarding cut, color and clarity and enabling us to provide customers with a range of goods. Our highly skilled and experienced craftsmen know how to bring out a diamond's clarity and show the maximum fire and brilliance that a diamond possesses. We aim to consistently supply high-quality polished diamonds on time and precisely as requested. With our main sales office in the heart of the Diamond District at 580 Fifth Avenue, New York among other strategic locations worldwide, LLD is your “Natural Choice” of partner, no matter your size or needs. 


"We are passionate about diamonds, and this passion is at the heart of everything we do."

 Our clients experience the unique creative jewelry process with us, from selecting the perfect rough from our mines, to designing their dream piece. Pairing our unique jewelry process combined with our white glove customer service, we bring years of pleasure to its ultimate owner both of its exceptional physical beauty and for the love and commitment of a long-term relationship that it represents.

LLD Diamond Rough